Coaching for Mind, Body and Spirit

Why You’re Here

If you are looking to improve your well-being, you have come to the right place. There is a reason behind every obstacle and you will be able to make sense of it all. This could be the beginning of your journey. Read my story and let’s connect!

What I Do

I help women get stronger physically and mentally. Through my coaching service (nutrition and exercise) hundred of women has been transformed inside out. They live happier and have a healthier lifestyle. Become the best version of themselves.

How I Can Help You

There are different ways to improve your well-being. From nutrition and physical fitness in different forms to time management, meditation and workshops, you are sure to find a program that will suit you and enable you to unlock your full potential.


Saree is willing to listen to your needs and goals for your exercising. I like the way she challenges you to do your best in every session and always mindful of how we’re enjoying the session. She’s very professional. If you’re looking for a supportive nutrition and fitness coach. I’d recommend Saree Jitta.
Marisa C.
I was looking for a quick fix to lose weight and struggling on my own. Saree has introduced me to a flexible diet, I started to enjoy food now but still lose body fat and gain muscles mass. We worked on my form for weight lifting through a balance diet. Today I’m so happy that I get stronger mentally and physically.
Saree is very knowledgeable and attentive to details. She listens to your goals and help you achieve it, while having fun along the way. “It’s about a journey not a destination.”
Nattaya L.
I was struggling to lose weight before. I went on a diet and exercise but still can’t lose weight. Saree has helped me find a balance in my life and showed me that I still can enjoy food and lose weight at the same time with flexible diet. “Exercise should be a way to show love and respect to yourself, not a punishment.” I’ve learnt a lot about my posture, form, and tempo. Saree introduced me to journaling and meditation which helped me tremendously on my stress. I started to go to bed early, energized and be more productive at work. Most of all I learn to love and respect myself again.
Tawinkarn A.
I was obsessed with food. I thought I can use exercise to kind of make it up for what I eat. However I still can’t stop thinking about food. The more I eat the more I feel bad with myself. Saree has helped me have a better relationship with myself and with food. She gave me a small task that I can do weekly. We’ve worked on stress with meditation and time management with weekly schedule. Slowly I find peace with myself again, I bring a balance back in my life. I started to enjoy food again but being more aware of my choices this time. Changing takes time but bit by bit from a very supportive coach you’ll be able to replace your habit, live happier and healthier life.