My Story

My life turned upside-down in 2016 when my father passed away and at the same time my 7-year relationship ended. I was so devastated with my loss that it got me lost and saw myself spiraling down. As I searched for an anchor, I decided to go on a silent retreat to try to pull myself together. It helped me to realize that life is too short and that I should spend the time I have doing what makes me happy.

I took a big risk quitting my job as a real estate agent without knowing where jump to. I just felt a strong need to change something and move on. I started lifting weights and took comfort from it. Over time, while it made me stronger physically, I started falling in love with training as it helped me recover both mentally and emotionally. This new found love for fitness led me to my first bikini competition. Stepping out of my comfort zone at 32 was a scary experience but it changed my life forever. I have learned to love myself again as I gained confidence and self-discipline.

This whole experience has taught me a whole lot of things. I have learned that no matter where we come from or what our experiences may be, we can be strong and beautiful in our own way and be confident with our bare skin. This strong belief and mindset has helped me to stay strong no matter what life will throw at me. In return, I want to use my experience and knowledge to show and teach women like you that you too can make sense of the difficult challenges that you are facing right now and rise from it strong. Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself because you are stronger than you know. And I can help you get to your full potential.